Awesome Allie, First Kid Astronaut

Awesome Allie, First Kid Astronaut

Book by Scott Elmegreen
Music and Lyrics by Drew Fornarola

Yesterday Allie was just a normal kid, but today she’s headed into outer space! With the help of her trusty talking dog Captain Chaos and Rover the Dancing Robot from Mars, Allie’s on a mission across the solar system to save Earth, and maybe learn some things about science along the way. But she’d better be home in time for dinner! Grab your space suit and get ready for an adventure that’s out of this world!

“Spunky and original … catchy and clever … Awesome Allie is a welcome choice for kids and adults.” – Marisa Cohen, Time Out New York

“A unique, musical quest for friendship reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz. … Given all that has been happening on planet Earth lately, it seems like a perfect moment to take off into outer space, and that’s exactly what Allie, a nine-year-old dreamer from Skokie, Illinois, sets out to do. Lucky for us (or for the two through seven year olds I saw enjoying the show this weekend), Allie gets her chance. … A funny, quirky musical that educates as it entertains.” – Erin Leigh Peck, Broadwayworld

“Awesome Allie is out of this world … Scott Elmegreen’s script does a great job of conjuring up a realistically kooky kids’ world all its own. … Allie’s far-out details really seem like they were spawned by a child’s imagination, and broad humor cracks kids up. … Like the other children in the audience, my daughter and her friend sat rapt throughout the hour-long tuner.” – Mommy Poppins, Get More out of NYC with Kids

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Title photo credit: Vital Theatre