We Can’t Reach You, Hartford

We Can't Reach You, Hartford

Sound Design by Scott Elmegreen (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

The unresolved true story of the Hartford Circus Fire of July 6th, 1944.

In the immediate aftermath of D-Day, the Hartford Circus Fire — which killed 168 circus-goers, mostly women and children — seemed a small tragedy. But the story of the fire that destroyed “The Greatest Show on Earth” raises fundamental questions about the loss of a city’s innocence, as an unidentified girl’s body triggers an obsessive search for truth in a corner of history that no one can reach.


“The painful story that was in danger of being lost to history is brought to life by a lyrical, well-researched script, slick performances by the cast and Jess Chayes’s imaginative direction…As the innocent pleasure of the matinee turns to terror, the choreography of the characters who move from dancing to dying while the circus orchestra plays on is impeccable, beautiful and touching. Despite the brevity of the play, each is brought sharply to life to tell not only the story of that fateful day, but also of wider American society.” – The Scotsman (four stars)

Production: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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Title photo credit: The Assembly