Vote For Me: A Musical Debate

Vote For Me: A Musical Debate

By Drew Fornarola and Scott Elmegreen

VOTE FOR ME: A Musical Debate is a musicalized Presidential debate where you pick the winner.  Watch the candidates dance and sing their way through the three-ring circus of American politics, and then cast your vote to help determine the outcome of the show–and the future of America!

“A ‘landslide victory’ … Humour by the bucketful … Bright, funny and totally refreshing … I vote for this production as a sure-fire winner.” – Theatre South East

“There’s no need for a recount on this one, it’s a wide-margin winner.” – Musical Theatre Review

“The perfect cathartic antidote. A slick, funny, timely night that gleams with wit and good performances.” – The Public Reviews

“I came out beaming at what I had just witnessed.” – A Younger Theatre

“Intelligent and witty, hitting at the core of U. S. political culture.” – UK Theatre

“An extremely polished show … This is fun. Really fun.” – The Gizzle Review

“A thrilling evening of musical politics where the audience are given the power to decide the outcome … a fabulously witty production brought to life with an incredible cast. ” – The Bardette

“A star-spangled satirical delight” – Bargain Theatre Land

“Believe me, I’ve cried many times in the theater, from empathy for Laura’s devastation in The Glass Menagerie to joy for Dolly’s homecoming. But never before have I wept because I saw in no uncertain terms how blasé we’ve become about our right to choose our leaders … thank you, Messrs. Elmegreen and Fornarola, for reminding us.” – TheaterMania, Peter Filichia

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Title photo credit: Luke Philippo and the London Theatre Workshop